Interview with Ben Kerfoot ahead of Dorking Halls pantomime

There are only 10 days to go until this year’s Dorking Halls pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs begins on December 17.

Ben Kerfoot as Prince

So we caught up with the stars of the show to find out how they are feeling as rehearsals get under way.
This week we are speaking to our Prince, Ben Kerfoot but we will also be speaking to Muddles, Drew Cameron, director Robert Forknall and our Snow White, Melissa Suffield.

We spoke to Ben just hours into the group’s first rehearsal.

So, Ben, how is first rehearsal going?:
Ben: “It has been really good to get with the rest of the cast, get to know the director a bit better and meet some of the crew.
“This is my first panto, it is nice, it is quite a short run for my first go.

“For the first rehearsal we are blocking out most of the first act and doing some team building.”

Did you go to pantomimes when you were younger?:

Ben: “I don’t remember going to panto, although apparently I did when I was really little and I loved it, screamed like a mad child.

“I haven’t been around panto so it is nice to make up for it now.”
What can the audience expect from this panto?:

Ben: “I think people can expect a really fun performance, lots of dancing and singing – I’m singing for the first time, which is a bit daunting but I am looking forward to it.”

“This is a flexible company who are really open to people bringing their own ideas to things.”

How does this compare to your usual role, as Oscar from CBBC’s M.I. High?:

Ben: “This is similar to a recent performance I did that was a Shakespeare piece at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer which was a princely character – so I can tick the Prince box, I do feel like I know the prince role now.”

To book tickets call the Box Office on 01306 881 717 or visit the website.


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